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Appwish is all you need to make your application ideas become reality. It's a place where software developers meet users and their needs.

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Tell us what application you need. Describe your wishes and ideas.



Rate others' ideas. Give feedback and get inspired by other Wishers.



Deliver your ideas by collaborating with other users and passionate developers.


Appwish is a place where application users meet developers and collaborate together to deliver great applications.

For application users

Appwish let's you express your needs. It's a place to share your ideas and get apps you need. You can directly collaborate with software engineers that will deliver your dreamt application!

Share Wishes

Share your ideas with others

Vote on great ideas

Upvote other ideas you love

Collaborate with devs

Make your wish come true in collab with devs

For application developers

Appwish let's you see users' needs. You can browse most wanted applications and collaborate with its future users!

See users needs

See the most popular wishes

Find great projects

Get inspired by great ideas

Find collaborators

Work in a team to deliver great applications

Open-source at the heart

Appwish was started as an open-source, collaborative project in a blog post. All its source code is available publicly on GitHub.

Developers who made Appwish are passionate volunteers that want to make the internet a better place.

Make impact. Join us!